Welcome at the Cloud 9 Shop - on waves, snow and asphalt since 1998 :-)

You love water, snow and asphalt? Then we sure have something for you!


In our shop in Winterthur we carry the widest selection of surfboards and SUP boards in Switzerland. We also have an all-embracing offer on surf- and SUP accessories such as fins, board covers, leashes, grip pads, paddles, bodyboards, ... And of course, if you are looking for the right wetsuit this is the place to go - we carry a huge range on wetsuits, boardshorts, bikinis, streetwear, beachwear, sneakers, etc. We're looking forward to seeing you soon at your 'local surf shop'!

Our winter range contains a huge choice of telemark equipment, ski and freeski gear and of course the best snowboard brands. In addition, we produce our own brand Play Snowboards in our local factory (the famous Factory 9) and offer customized snowboards with personal graphic designs and custom made shapes.

Since we're located in the same building as the Skills Park, it is obvious that we offer a great selection of skateboards, longboards and cruisers. You'll find all the leading brands and you can count on our team's know-how 100%! Some of us also skate ;-)

mail info@cloud-9.ch
phone 052 203 99 09

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... some of the latest picks of our shop

22Designs VICE Plastic Base
Sofort lieferbar: 28 Stück / piece(s)
ab CHF 12.00
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10 Peaks Mount Babel
Sofort lieferbar: 8 Paar / pair
ab CHF 159.00
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10 Peaks Mount Temple All Leather
Sofort lieferbar: 16 Paar / pair
ab CHF 159.00
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Crispi Diamond Protectors zu Telemark Boots - right
Sofort lieferbar: 2997 Stück / piece(s)
ab CHF 10.00
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10 Peaks Hungabee XC 5-Finger
Sofort lieferbar: 7 Paar / pair
ab CHF 59.00
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10 Peaks Mount Fay
Sofort lieferbar: 9 Paar / pair
ab CHF 149.00
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10 Peaks Mount Bowlen 3-Finger
Sofort lieferbar: 3 Paar / pair
ab CHF 149.00
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Burton MB Gore Underglove
Sofort lieferbar: 2 Paar / pair
ab CHF 99.00
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