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Pumpkin Cityflyer 68 - Deck Only - Custom Graphics

Producteur: Pumpkin
Pumpkin Cityflyer 68 - Deck Only - Custom Graphics
Pumpkin Cityflyer 68 - Deck Only - Custom Graphics
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Order your customized Skateboard here and send us your personalized graphics by e-mail to:

We will send you a visual and wait for your green lights before we start building your custom made skateboard.

Production time will be 1 to 2 weeks.

The Cityflyer 68 is a classic flex-skateboard which is small, easy to handle, and fun to ride. It is perfect for your daily cruise to school or work while giving you the feeling only surfers and snowboarders know. The Cityflyer in the length of 68cm is perfect for kids or persons up to 1.60m.

Länge (length): 68 cm

Breite (width): 19.7 cm

Achsabstand (wheel base): 54 cm

Vorspannung (camber): 1.7 cm


DOWNLOAD Template to create your personalized graphic design (Photoshop File)