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Pumpkin Mini Wing Rocker 74 Deck Only Woodie

Producteur: Pumpkin
Pumpkin Mini Wing Rocker 74 Deck Only Woodie Woodie
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The Mini Wing Rocker 74 is cool little cruiser for your daily ride from A to B. It is extremely fast and maneuverable so it is the perfect board to take you through town. The rocker provides a mellow and relaxed ride and because it’s lower than a cambered deck it is very stable when you ride at fast speed.

Deck Only

Länge (length): 74 cm

Breite (width): 20.7 cm

Achsabstand (wheel base): 64 cm

Rocker: 1.7 cm


This Board is available within 2 - 5 days, if we don't have it in stock.