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Solarez Microlite EPOXY Foam Repair 1 oz

Brands: Solarez
Solarez Microlite EPOXY Foam Repair 1 oz
Solarez Microlite EPOXY Foam Repair 1 oz
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What is Solarez Microlite Epoxy?
It is a white putty made of high-strength UV-Cure resin and super lightweight additives that effectively repair ALL TYPES OF SURFBOARD FOAM, including Styrofoam. This putty cures in roughly 3 minutes by exposure to sunlight or artificial UV light. It sands and fairs very nicely, making it an easy one-step repair for almost any ding.


  • (for superficial dings less than 7mm deep) Apply in the shade.
  • For easier shaping and faster curing, cover the wet resin with a sheet of clear plastic wrap (Mylar is best). You can easily shape the resin to the contour of the board.
  • Expose to sunlight for 3 minutes
  • Peel off plastic wrap and touch-up sand.