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NSP Puma 14'00 x 23 1/2 Pro Carbon

NSP Puma 14'00 x 23 1/2 Pro Carbon

Brands: NSP
NSP Puma 14'00 x 23 1/2 Pro Carbon blue/green
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Puma Pro Carbon

A flat deck board suited for all paddlers, in all conditions.

If you want to kick turn easily, if you want to play in waves, if you want to downwind, and if you are not yet comfortable with a recessed deck, or if you simply prefer to race on a flat deck board, the NSP Puma is for you.

Initially designed for beach racing, the Puma’s have evolved into very capable downwinders and flat-water boards.

The most versatile and user-friendly board in the NSP range, the PUMA is a gateway towards performance paddling on a recessed deck.

14’ SERIES – the narrower the board, the straighter the rocker.

– 14/23.5 – our pros use this board for surf- and beach racing, but this shape works just as well in flat- to downwind racing conditions
– 14/24.75 – an intermediate width with the same concept as the 23.5” to fill the gap with the 14/26
– 14/26 – featuring a little less rocker in 2019 than in 2018, and a slightly different bottom shape allows a lot more manoeuvrability in the surf
– 14/28 – is unchanged.

12’6” SERIES

– The Puma 12’6/24 and 12’6/26 remain unchanged for 2019
– 12’6/23 and 12’6/22 feature the same concept and rocker, narrowed down for lighter paddlers. We expect the speed of the Puma 12’6/23 on flat water to be similar to the 2018 Ninja 12’6/23.5, while we increased its versatility


The 2019 Puma is a shape aimed at racers who are comfortable with a narrow shape. Because of their improved technical racing skills and overall paddling abilities, they are confident in the bumps or waves with reduced width, which translates to a lot more speed.


Our world-class Surf Race 20 is the more appropriate fin for beach racing, buoy racing and the ability to pull off consistent kick turns in the middle of a race or in Travis’s words; “It’s the fin better suited for turning and surfing.”


LengthWidthThicknessVolumeWeight +/- 5%
14'023.5"Flat deck26410.17 kg EST

Fin included: Surf Race 20"


Race Technology Pro Carbon

Elite Pro Carbon technology construction when winning is all that matters!

–  Cutting edge aerospace carbon fibers and ultra-light core materials are combined  with our unique vacuum construction, making Pro Carbon the lightest, stiffest and fastest racing construction technology available.

–  Featuring a PVC reinforced deck for integrity plus carbon rails for stiffness reducing flex and making the board ultra responsive.

–  Carbon Innegra reinforcement adds impact protection the nose and tail for close quarter battles at race starts and from the chasing racers in a draft train.

–  Pro Carbon is an elite construction technology that is standard in our production race boards allowing you to own exactly the same boards that NSP pros Travis Grant and Titouan Puyo win on.