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Agency Squid 6'02'' - PU - FCS II Promotion!

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The perfect board for beginner and intermediate surfers with plenty of foam under your chest.
The entry rocker has been designed with ease of use in mind, it has the perfect amount of lift to ensure minimal nose diving in more critical sections of the wave face. The entry rocker blends into a slight single to double concave providing lift and acceleration with a subtle vee exiting the tail ensuring when on rail this board will perform in a wide variety of conditions.
The rails are medium to full ensuring there is no sacrifice of performance but the main focus is on a user-friendly feeling in the water.
The outline is fuller in the nose providing a generous amount of volume under the chest ensuring the highest possible wave count in all conditions. The tail outline also has increased surface area which  assists with initial acceleration and maximum lift during takeoff.
A solid allrounder for a large variety of conditions and waves

Length:        6'2"

Width:          20 3/4

Thinckness:  2 11/16

Volume:        38.76 L

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