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NSP Speedster 81 Carbon Fix RDM Paddle - Reduced Shaft

NSP Speedster 81 Carbon Fix RDM Paddle - Reduced Shaft

Marken: NSP
NSP Speedster 81 Carbon Fix RDM Paddle - Reduced Shaft black/orange
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100% Carbon Speedster 81 RDM

The 100% Carbon Speedster 81 RDM is similar to the regular 100% Carbon Speedster 81, with one important difference. Recognizing the need from a select group of paddlers who prefer a paddle shaft with a reduced diameter, we designed a 26mm for this high-performance paddle.

With the same strength and flex pattern as the regular 29mm shaft, the RDM version is well-suited for children, women or paddlers with smaller hands. The Speedster racing blade integrates a parallel edge outline that gives racers a quick and precise catch. The parallel edge outline also helps release, allowing for a faster motion through the water.

The outline of the Speedster blade is perfect for sprint racing, downwind runs and long distance paddling – it’s Marcus Hansen’s blade of choice, in combination with the 29mm shaft.

Blade Area: 81 sqi or 520cm2

Reduced Shaft: d= 26mm

Length: 220 cm

When handling carbon high-performance products, NSP recommends the use of appropriately padded bags.