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Majesty Destroyer 16/17

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Destroyer are hi-tech skis that meet all the requirements of modern freeride and freetouring. They are versatile freeride skis that have a lot to offer to freeriders, regardless of their style of skiing.
Destroyer skis feature the new Elliptical Rocker, which supports smooth powder ride without the effect of “riding up” the snow or terrain unevenness and pushing away the top layer of snow at the same time.

Destroyer know no limits and make none for their riders. They are the perfect answer to a call for skis able to handle diverse and changing weather conditions.!.

While riding on hard-packed snow, Destroyer use the entire tail-end of the ski. This allows for increased riding stability, even at faster speed. Camber shape still gives perfect responsiveness, power transmission and edge-to-edge ride. Aerodynamic shape and riding properties make those new directional freeride skis prove their worth not only during adventures on wild ski slopes, but also in freeride competition events.

             173cm                182cm          

-Tip:      142mm                 144mm

-Waist :  113mm                 115mm

-Tall:      123mm                 125mm

-Radius:  23.4m                  26.3m

-Weight: 1.82 kg                1.98 kg


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