to the official website of Pumpkin Skateboards and Viking Parts

We are a skateboard label from Switzerland that specializes in slalomboards, flexboards, cruisers and longboards.

All decks are made in our independent factory in Winterthur, Switzerland. We're dedicated to make high quality skateboards and only use high end materials that are made in Europe under EC standards.

We have been in business for over 13 years and have grown to be a leading skateboard company in the market.

Our production ways are very flexible and fast. That's why we can offer a great service to our customers: the 'Create Your Own' program. That means that we can make personalized skateboards or decks with shop logos from a minimum quantity of one single piece!

Check us out and give us your feed back if you wish - we're looking forward to your visit and hope you will soon become a Pumpkin customer if you haven't yet been one...

contact: Pumpkin Skateboards / Cloud 9 Distribution AG, Lagerplatz 7, 8400 Winterthur, Switzerland / T: +41 (0)52 203 51 31 / info@cloud-9.ch